Petrotechnics to Unveil New Risk Management Approach to Improve Process Safety at Conference


Houston, July 02, 2012 Petrotechnics, US President, Mike Neill will demonstrate the value of using a new risk approach through next generation technology to understand and improve process safety management (PSM) at the 4th Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)* Latin American Conference on Process Safety on the 4th July.  The event is one of the largest forums for process safety management and will take place from July 3-5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The theme this year is ‘Operational Discipline – Focusing on the Fundamental’.

Mr Neill will address a critical gap in operations by offering insights into managing PSM by linking it with day to day frontline operations. Frontline operations regularly intervenes with PSM rules breaking down the barriers that are meant to keep the plant operationally safe and increases the levels of operational risk. His presentation will highlight new approach and how it can improve operational discipline by providing increased process hazard visibility, integrate these hazards into cumulative risk profiles and capture information on plant conditions that deviate away from standard operating conditions as they impact frontline operations.

To ensure that organizations can address these challenges and proactively manage risk down, Mr Neill will demonstrate how an awareness and understanding of frontline work and cumulative risk can help firms view the potential impact of multiple and combined risk factors such as type of work, volume of work, status and interaction of work on operations. He will explain how next generation technology is able to generate cumulative risk profiles into leading indicators, providing true line of sight to the frontline, empowering senior management with better decision making in order to reduce risk, optimize operations and drive continuous improvement.

Mike Neill said: “Petrotechnics was founded with a purpose of keeping people safe and this new approach addresses a PSM blindspot and a critical gap that needs to be managed. We believe we have a unique perspective on operational risk management and have been helping organizations across the globe improve their operational discipline with our technology systems for more than twelve years ensuring they can optimize performance while at the same time reducing operational risk”.

“As a dedicated member of CCPS we are committed to promoting safety and best practice around key operational issues. CCPS is expanding its best practices into upstream industries and is using our experience and client network to help achieve this. Together we have a common objective – to help industries operate more safely”, Neil added.

Petrotechnics successfully delivered a CCPS bootcamp earlier this year and its involvement in this conference is part of the firm’s goal of promoting best practice and safety across Latin America energy sector.

Louisa Nara, technical director at the Center of Chemical Process Safety said: “CCPS is a non-profit organisation, with 152 member companies who work together on a global basis with a common goal – eliminating process incidents in all industries. We do this by bringing the best process safety knowledge and practices to industry, academia, the government and public around the world.  The 4th Latin American Conference is one of the ways in which we advance process knowledge, culture and management practices. We are very excited about the upcoming conference and look forward to working with our colleagues IPB, Petrobras and companies like Petrotechnics on a successful event.”

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