Petrotechnics Virtual Office Unveiled


10 June 2008

Tuesday, 10th June will mark the launch of the Petrotechnics Virtual Office as pupils at the Kirkhill Primary School in Kincorth unveil their new Thinking Worlds Virtual Game. The game is designed to allow pupils to meet members of the Petrotechnics team virtually before visiting them in their offices

Aberdeen-based, Petrotechnics has been working with local school, Kirkhill Primary for the 07/08 school year and the Thinking Worlds Game is one of a number of initiatives that employees and students have enjoyed together. From playing Santa over Christmas, to the Balloon Rocket Challenge and a football match against the school’s football team, Petrotechnics CEO Phil Murray, has joined in on a number of occasions: “The Business Education Partnership is a very worthwhile programme, from what we get out of it as an organisation and as individuals right to the smiles from the students on activity days.”
The Thinking World’s game is based on the Petrotechnics office and will feature the 7-members of the company’s Leadership Team. Head teacher of Kirkhill Primary School, Lorraine Napier, says: “The students have worked very hard on this project and are very excited for the ‘unveiling’ on Tuesday. They have stretched the boundaries of the game and the initial task set and really rose to the occasion. I think the Petrotechnics Leadership team will be impressed.”

Mrs Napier continues: “The game will feature all the Managers and each ‘player’ will ask a set of questions to the relevant Manager, right answers let them move on in the office-environment. The pupils worked directly with the Leadership team to design the questions and answers and the characters even feature the faces of the Leadership Team!”

Kirkhill Primary School are one of the first schools to trial the Thinking Worlds Game. Mr Murray is convinced of the success of the Business Education Partnership and comments: “By incorporating the Petrotechnics Office environment the pupils have taken the game a step further and I believe we will see a spectacular learning tool on Tuesday.”

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