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Petrotechnics, a leading provider of Enterprise Operations Excellence Management software solutions, is strengthening its Middle East presence in response to the growth in demand for its flagship solution Proscient.™

Introduced in 2013, Proscient is the Enterprise Operations Excellence Management platform specifically designed to enable organisations in hazardous industries to optimise production efficiency and lower operational risk. With powerful capabilities to ensure the strategic intent of policy is systematised in operational practice, organisations can ensure workload is consistently managed against risk, according to policy, across one or many of their plants.

“One of the main drivers behind digital oilfields is to enable operators to get more out of their existing assets,” comments David Bleackley, vice president of sales at Petrotechnics. “This offers many parallels with what we’re doing and how we fit into operational excellence programmes — it is all about enabling people to get more out of their existing assets, by which we mean both capital assets and human assets. In order to do that, companies are striving to understand the gaps in their business processes to enable them to drive these business processes more effectively — that’s where we fit in. It is not sufficient to keep individual plant, assets or operators safe, you need a much wider understanding of the operational risk you face as an organisation in order to be able to make safe and effective operational decisions.”

How does Proscient work? “All our customers have a range of operational management systems and risk control systems associated with their plant, and for each of those systems they will have a set of performance standards or criteria which they are managing those systems to,” explains Bleackley. “The challenge comes when the system fails to meet those criteria; what are the operational decisions that need to be made to keep operating in a safe way and above a safe threshold, and how do you prioritise your work activity in light of those deviations from your own performance standards?

“The software identifies what those deviations are. It then allows you to understand the significance of those deviations, both individually and collectively, and based on that understanding of the level of risk created by those deviations enables operators to prioritise a) how they continue to operate the plant and, b) what interventions they are going to make — both in the near term and in the medium term. There are a number of disparate business processes associated with that, because traditionally these individual risk control systems have been managed by different technical authorities or different functional groups within an operator; Proscient brings that collective view and collective impact of all those deviations occurring.

“So our technology allows people to make better decisions about how to continue to operate, as well as to prioritise what to do to rectify the situation. It is not immediately intuitive, because of the large number of people and the different business processes involved. We provide a common understanding of the challenge an operator is faced with.”

The Middle East is a key growth area for Petrotechnics and the company sees huge potential in the region, says Bleackley. “Proscient is now a recognised solution within the global oil and gas sector, and we’ve seen strong growth in demand for our technology over the last few years worldwide. But there are some specific factors in the Middle East which are driving us to look at this region with increased focus. Firstly, there is a certain degree of cultural change occurring in the Middle East at the moment, related both to fundamental safety culture and to operational excellence culture — both aspects are sweet-spots for our platform, and we are well placed to capitalise on these cultural changes. And secondly there is the long-term, strategic outlook of the Middle East operators.

“We have several ongoing installations in the Middle East due soon to go live, and a couple of pending awards, as well as a number of installations in North Africa,” adds Bleackley. “We see the need for a strong presence in the region and are building up our team in the Gulf states, where we currently have offices in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This will strengthen our ability to service existing clients, while identifying and developing new opportunities David Bleackley, vice president of sales, Petrotechnics in the region.”

This article was published in Vol. 18 of Oil Review Middle East.

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