Providing the Key to Improved Operational Performance Through Integrated Operational Risk Management


Houston, 06 August – Petrotechnics, the global leader in transforming frontline operational performance and lowering operational risk will present on the key to improving operational performance through integrated operational risk management at the 5th CCPS Latin America Conference on Process Safety on 13 August in Cartagena, Colombia.

Petrotechnics’ US President, Mike Neill, will present on the need for a holistic understanding of operational risk based on linking asset integrity risk (barrier impairments) with the current workload risk.  With a more joined up view of current operational risk, organizations can dynamically move to their front foot and proactively manage to a more optimized and less risky performance.

Neill will highlight how Process Safety professionals can use new technology to systematize how operational risk is dynamically captured, visualized and managed across plants. Traditionally, frontline operational risk is managed in silos with PSM focused personnel or engineering functions managing asset integrity risk and operations managing the risk associated with the intervention work occurring on the plant.  Additionally, organizations often struggle to consistently and reliably capture the most appropriate data required to provide them with accurate risk profiles of the status of the plant and the cumulative risk of all of the work scheduled to take place during a defined period of time.

By providing a technology based intelligent, holistic integration of these disciplines; Petrotechnics empowers organizations to optimize how they consistently manage workload against operational risk according to their policies.  With a common view of operational risk in space, time and an understanding of what is driving risk, technology can help organizations make better decisions and move strongly towards operational excellence and improve the overall plant health, integrity, safety and efficiency in order to get more work done safely.

“Major accidents such as Macondo have exposed flaws in systems and processes we have worked hard to build over the past 20 years. We need to build better and more intelligent approaches and processes addressing how we manage risk if we’re to sustainably meet increasing production demands”, said Neill. “Petrotechnics has provided related solutions over the past 12 years, recognising the major issues and market demands, and I believe we can help organisations streamline their processes and provide the tools to proactively manage overall operational risk of workload within the proximity of asset integrity and barrier management. With real-time visibility and powerful tools, the workforce can proactively lower operational risk without impacting production and prevent any major accidents,” continued Neill.

Louisa Nara, Technical Director at the Center of Chemical Process Safety added “Identifying, evaluating and managing hazards and risks are core components of process safety.  Since becoming a member of CCPS, Petrotechnics has been actively involved in our conferences by presenting papers and participating in technical sessions to further the understanding of these subjects.”

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