Refining Petrochemicals Middle East: Exclusive Interview


Refining & Petrochemical Middle East delves below the corporate strategy to understand what really makes the industry’s leaders tick. This month, Iain Mackay, Executive Vice President of Petrotechnics is interviewed:

What section of a company’s operations do you target?

We help customers get more work done. We’re not addressing production optimisation in more barrels, or process efficiency, we’re focusing on getting more of the right work done safely, in the context of the state of the asset and equipment. Performing work in itself exposes the plant and people to risk, but the status of the plant also has risk because you may have a plant that is impaired, you may have deviation on safety critical devices, the devices that are in the facility to detect or protect gas clouds, fire, toxic atmosphere, so when people do work to maintain the plant, there are hazards associated with performing the work.

They’re performing work in the plant and the plant itself may already have a failure or be in a compromised state. You add those things together and you have a clearer view of operational risk.

How exactly do you help companies improve their operations?

Every operating company has a permit to work system, and every operating company has a means of assessing deviations to their safety
elements or their safety components. What we do is join the two together so that you can better balance workload and risk. We do that by providing a structured process in a visual form, so you can see your operations in real time. We allow companies to see their operations on a GANT chart view, so you can see in sequence the intended activity, the relation between the activity and that activity happening in the current status of the plant itself. And we provide a view of the risk so users can get a dynamic visualisation of all the elements of risk associated with doing work and the current status of the plant.

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