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Proscient mitigates risks and optimise production efficiency.

Petrotechnics’ new platform helps users capture and manage risk related data and helps to organise human performance.

Proscient can better prioritise safety and production critical workload to improve production efficiency. With a holistic view of operational risk , the day to day  judgement calls on how to best mitigate and manage risk arising from dynamic plant conditions, the daily intervention work and its impact on your plant; your teams can make more informed decisions.

With Proscient’s powerful operational decision support capabilities you can optimise how you prioritise and manage workload against risk on the 90, 28, 14/7 day plans and in real-time. This optimisation can help you drive significant improvements in safety and business outcomes in the form of lower operational risk, increased operational excellence, fewer unplanned shutdowns, faster and more efficient turnarounds and reductions in contractor and staff wait times.

With Proscient you can see and understand what is driving your asset integrity risk by area of the plant. You can then overlay the active and planned work to see how work is impacting the barriers or how impaired barriers could adversely impact the safe execution of the work.

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