Software-supported process ensures safer work practices


1 December 2008

Allen Saville, Petrotechnics USA Inc.
Stan Garner and K. P. Rosamond, BP Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Production
To ensure consistency in application across all its deepwater Gulf of Mexico assets, BP has worked with Petrotechnics to identify and implement industry best practices and incorporate those into a uniform approach to how all work is done at the frontline.

A key element in achieving these results and providing for sustainability and continuing improvement is the Petrotechnics’ electronic permit-to-work (eptw) system called Sentinel PRO®.

This is an internet-based software system that leads people through a carefully designed process for safe-work execution. The process ensures that all executed work is assessed rigorously in terms of hazards and risks, planned properly with controls for all identified hazards and risks, and executed in a safe manner in coordination with all other work being conducted.

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