Do we really know how to manage risk? Whitepaper

Even following 20-30 years' worth of investment in process safety management, major incidents are occurring at a steady rate each year…

Has Operational Excellence in the hazardous industries passed the tipping point?

Digital leaders have forged ahead with early successes, however many remain in the early stages of adoption as they face up to some tough challenges.

The Future of Digital Transformation – Prioritizing HSE and Operational Risk

HSE and Operational Risk are among the top digital strategies for refiners - and hold real potential for transforming business models, processes, and performance towards operational excellence.

Operational Excellence Index 2017 Survey – Report

Operational Excellence (OE) emerged in the hazardous industries as a relatively new concept only a few years ago. Already it has evolved from theoretical ideal to tangible reality as firms have [...]

Petrotechnics’ Proscient – Operational Excellence Software Platform datasheet

Digital transformation is about improving productivity, reducing risk and lowering costs - all at the same time. And it has never been easier to start realising the benefits. Power your [...]

Managing Risks in Ageing Assets

If we consolidate the operations activities, the plant health factors, the alerts from sensors, the competency levels of staff and so many more silos of information, then we can extract the [...]

3 ways digital twins will help improve oil and gas maintenance and operations

What was once fantasy is becoming a reality. Edge equipment is becoming better connected. Cloud technology is improving performance. Integration is easy, and the cost is reasonable. And the [...]

Who is Responsible for Managing Process Safety Risk?

Few would argue that process safety approaches developed and implemented over the past 20-30 years have enabled us to improve the design basis for our facilities. Yet we still see major incidents [...]

2017 Survey on Process Safety and Risk Management

Management teams on facilities know what could go wrong, what the consequences could be, how they should be managed as well as the controls that should be in place to manage the risks. But that [...]

Lessons from Corrosion Incidents – Whitepaper

Integrity Management and preventing loss of containment is one of the major process safety challenges to hazardous industries during these tough times. Pressure is mounting for plant operators to [...]

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