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Digitalisation done right is an ongoing process that will fundamentally change the way you operate. It’s not something you bolt on or use to optimise around the edges. And it’s definitely not “digitalising” the status quo.

We’ve been on this journey for close to 30 years. We know from our deep domain experience that implementing technology without truly understanding how it enables strategy is just another project set up for failure. Petrotechnics helps organisations get “on the journey” to build a “digital foundation” that helps to close-the-loops between operations, maintenance, engineering and HSE.

Petrotechnics’ Proscient is designed to minimise the amount of professional services you need to make digital operational. The days of software customisation and long implementation wait times are over. Unlike other offerings in the market, Proscient is truly a commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) platform. Get up-and-running in a matter of weeks with Proscient’s accelerated delivery, not months… and definitely not years! Our professional services are based on a proven, agile and iterative methodology that is focused on helping you deliver digital ROI – fast – and not on maximising our professional services bill!

So how do we do this?

A “built-in” digital head start.


Proscient is truly a commercial off-the-shelf software platform – ready to deploy. Proscient comes with a built-in digital head-start that does away with the need for long configuration cycles and customised coding. With Proscient, you can accelerate delivery and be up-and-running in a matter of weeks.

  • Standard best-practice configuration based on nearly 30 years of worldwide customer experience and deep cross-discipline domain expertise
  • A pre-tested configuration envelope allows Proscient to work the way you need it to in your environment
  • A robust, web services API-based integration layer that allows you to enable re-imagined business processes and workflows to improve business performance
  • A future-proofed platform of tightly integrated applications and solutions based on a common set of domain and technology services that grows with you as your requirements evolve

Comprehensive tooling

As a modern, digital platform, Proscient provides a powerful and comprehensive set of graphical user interface-based tooling. Combined with Proscient’s standard, off-the-shelf best practices configuration, you are already on the fast track to accelerate implementation that can be measured in weeks – not months or years.

Powerful implementation and run-time configuration capabilities put you in charge.


A proven, agile & iterative methodology.

Petrotechnics has a robust and structured project implementation methodology that is based on a combination of best practices from Agile, PMI, Prince2 and the experience of delivering software projects in hazardous industries for nearly 30 years.

Our agile, iterative and staged approach ensures controlled delivery and verification of any project deliverables, at all times against the underlying business case. Stages are authorised and delivered with clear scopes, tolerances and controls. Petrotechnics’ technology management of change/risk management strategy ensures the identification of any potential problems and opportunities early – to effectively respond or mitigate them.

Initiation Stage

Provides a controlled start, ensuring the scope and critical success factors for the project are understood. The project team is formed, along with clarity on the roles and responsibilities for all team members. Stakeholders are identified along with the initial planning, governance and communications strategies. The project commences once all parties are in agreement on who, what, how and when the scope will be delivered.

Definition Stage

Configuration, integration and deployment requirements are defined, documented and agreed as well as the duration and the deliverables for the overall scope of the project. All of this is achieved through consultant-led interviews and workshops, where up to 80% of the requirements can be configured “live”, at the same time. This enables an accelerated delivery. The stakeholders identified in the Initiation Stage are involved to ensure everyone understands what is necessary to define at this stage and the possible implications of any design decisions. The output from this stage is an agreed design and initial configuration, which allows the Build Stage to be baselined in terms of schedule, resources and costs.

Build Stage

Allows the customer and/or their SI and Petrotechnics to finalise and test the configuration for production deployment agreed upon in the Initiation Stage. The Proscient solution, along with any integration requirements and other scope items, are implemented and thoroughly tested. Engagement with stakeholders and end users is maintained during this stage to ensure everyone remains invested in the end product. Upon successful completion of the solution configuration, the Implementation Stage will commence.

Implementation Stage

Implementation happens when Proscient is installed into the client’s production environment and is ready for operational go-live. Depending on the project scope, the following activities may be carried out:

  • Production installation: software deployment & verification of the configured solution
  • Site acceptance testing
  • Training & coaching: Petrotechnics’ Subject Matter Experts, Trainers and Coaches can be mobilised to support the operational go-live
  • System pre-population
  • Go-live; operational go-live and handover to Petrotechnics’ customer support team

Deep domain expertise

The deep, practical domain expertise of Petrotechnics’ people is a true asset for Proscient customers. Our domain expertise, coupled with our technological savvy, has helped us revolutionise business processes and sustain them with software for organisations in hazardous industries around the world for nearly 30 years. Our professionals understand how to practically bring disparate data and business processes together to create actionable insights so people can stay safer and get more done.

Our areas of expertise

  • Process safety management
  • Asset integrity
  • HSE
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Control of work
  • Operations management
  • Maintenance effectiveness
  • Management of change
  • Incident investigation


Proscient’s Professional Services ensures your organisation can get on the journey to digital operations – and achieve fast, digital ROI. We have designed Proscient to minimise the amount of professional services you need to make digital work for your business strategy. Are you ready to get started?


  • “Petrotechnics’ established industry track record combined with the flexibility of Proscient made them an ideal partner. The expertise, knowledge and customer service delivered by Petrotechnics to our team during implementation made it a seamless process from start to finish.”

    North American LNG Operator
  • "Proscient will help keep us safe and drive consistency in our operations. The aim is for the tool to enhance and create better communication as a team."

    Offshore Operator in the Gulf of Mexico
  • “Our vision that everyone goes home safe at the end of every day is something we must achieve. Proscient is a key strategic programme that helps us to deliver this vision by improving decision-making, conversations, and behaviours for safer, more effective working.”

    National Rail Operator
  • "Proscient will help improve handover notes and will allow us to better plan work to become proactive instead of reactive."

    Large Independent Oil and Gas Producer
  • "Our selection of Petrotechnics was based on three key points: Firstly, they had the best technology solution which met our needs’. Secondly and arguably most important, they had the best implementation model and the experience to back it up. Thirdly, Petrotechnics’ references were excellent and very much spoke to the strength and depth of their capabilities. They came across as the ideal partner and this go-live is the first tangible example of our ongoing partnership."

    North Sea FPSO Operator
  • "We chose to partner with Petrotechnics because of their solid experience and understanding of operational risk management in our industry. We believe Proscient will help improve work controls and reduce risk involved in our operations. We also believe the implementation is an opportunity to harmonise the way we handle work processes, while safeguarding our regulatory compliance in all regions where we operate."

  • "The Proscient platform changes the safety-productivity dynamic in hazardous industries by reducing Operational Risk and improving Production Efficiency."

    Tier 1 Management Consultant
  • "Petrotechnics’ long track record and approach to helping oil and gas organisations deliver safer and more effective operations combined with the strength of Proscient make them the best choice."


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