Proscient Enables Your Digital Journey.

Proscient v4.0 is the first enterprise Operational Excellence software platform that delivers the practical benefits of digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and the IIoT. Companies with digital vision are using Proscient to build the foundation for their journey to digital operations. Proscient provides the first integrated view of your operational reality with a radically different, far more effective way to visualise and manage activity and risk. It helps everyone make better, more informed decisions that reduce risk, improve productivity and lower costs.

Three screens. One operational reality.

By looking at three simple screens, everyone from the boardroom to the frontline can now consistently see and manage activity and risk across the enterprise.

Know what’s happening, where it’s happening and what’s driving the risk.




Proscient delivers a single, shared view of the operational reality by extracting, translating and aggregating the data from sensors, systems and human activity.


Common currency for disparate data.


Unlocks meaningful relationships, previously unseen.


Provides a realistic view of the operational reality.



  • What’s happening.
  • When it’s happening.
  • Where it’s happening.

Delivers integrated workflows to ensure safe & efficient work execution.

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Fastest time to “DIGITAL ROI”
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Annual frontline efficiency savings

Reduction in supervisor wait time

Reduction in crew wait time

Reduction in annual downtime

Digital made operational.


understand how risk and work activities impact the schedule



See where work activities are happening on the plant and how they align with impaired process safety barriers to impact the overall risk level of the asset. Highlighted areas of the facility can help you understand where there is high risk as work is planned and executed.

Proscient displays sequenced activities, deviations and scheduling conflicts in a timeline view. Indicators of high or medium levels of risk help operators see when risk may impact activities now and in future shifts. And you can dynamically reschedule work – as needed.

Petrotechnics’ risk summary view shows you when and where risk is elevated – but more specifically it shows where and how critical process safety barriers are impaired. Drilling down into each major accident hazard (MAH) scenario, any specific work activities, scheduling conflicts, impairments or deviations can be identified as well as their level of risk impact.

Proscient’s Industrial Connected Worker Mobile App provides your field workers with the context to do their work safely and efficiently. Teams can manage permits and isolations, track and communicate incidents and near-misses – and they can even access a real-time view of the plant’s status. And that’s only the beginning.


A single integrated
digital platform

  • Future proofed platform of tightly integrated applications and solutions based on a single code base.
  • Re-imagine business processes with extensive Interface and API capabilities – to power your digital transformation
  • On premise and cloud deployable in Azure, AWS or other cloud environments.
  • The only solution with a standard “off the shelf” standard best practices build that enables delivery times within weeks rather than months or years
  • Flexibility to start the way you need to. Whether in one plant or in one unit of a plant, one region or across the enterprise.
  • Powerful GUI based configuration and admin tooling accelerates delivery time and reduces vendor dependency

More platform. More insight. More value.

Proscient enables your journey to digital operations.

Integrated Operations Management (IOM) w/Smart PTW

Proscient’s Integrated Operations Management (IOM) w/Smart PTW intelligently unlocks a simple, elegant way of connecting activity planning, maintenance management, operations and the reality of how work gets executed. Manage activity with control in real-time, not in permit duration. Manage permitted activity + all activity occurring on the plant. Close-the-gaps between the activity plan, the schedule and work execution.

Activity Risk Management

Proscient’s Activity Risk Management allows you to visualise and manage the cumulative risk for all activities associated with permitted and operations activity against a dynamic process safety barrier model. Holistically balance risk against production at all levels of the operation by connecting the state of process safety barriers to the impact of the activity to be performed.

Operations Logbook & Shift Handover

Proscient’s Operations Logbook & Shift Handover allows teams to better plan, manage and execute work activities scheduled to take place on the plant, at any given time by bringing together all operational activities and their associated risks with all other activities and risks occurring on the plant.


Proscient’s Connected Industrial Worker Mobility App puts real-time context in the hands of field personnel. They’ll know what’s happening around them, have a better understanding of the job they’re about to do and know what they need to do next.

MAH Barrier Management

Proscient’s MAH Barrier Management relates the collective performance of your process safety system to the real, cumulative risk impact on operations at any given point in time. Map all performance deviations and hazardous activity against a dynamic process safety barrier model. Understand current barrier health and the cumulative risk impact in each area of your asset in real-time.

Dynamic Process Safety Management

Proscient’s Dynamic Process Safety Management automatically brings all human and sensor derived inputs together in a joined-up way to see their cumulative risk impact on the operational reality of your plant. See the health status of process safety-critical equipment and the impact of performance deviations and abnormal conditions.

Management of Change (MoC)

Proscient’s Management of Change helps work teams easily identify where a change is impacting their process. Understand, track and connect plant changes to your broader operational business processes.

Incident Management

Proscient’s Incident Management helps record, investigate, audit and manage incidents and near misses based on an integrated view of the operational reality.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

Proscient’s Emergency Preparedness & Response helps ensure your teams have access to response plan information as events unfold – allowing them to quickly assess the situation and respond appropriately.

Interfaces & Integration Capabilities

Proscient’s Interfaces and Integration capabilities intelligently “connect” disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activity to power new end-to-end business processes that improve the way organisations operate.

Reduce Risk

  • Make MAH risk exposure visible and prominent – in real-time
  • Connect PSM to Operations
  • Ensure risk mitigation becomes an integral part of efficient and effective operations
  • Increase HSE performance

Cut costs

  • Get increased visibility of each cost driver
  • Reduce total operating costs through added efficiencies and less rework

Improve productivity

  • Improve end-to-end productivity across planning, maintenance and operations
  • Make maintenance more effective
  • Improve asset reliability and availability
  • Reduce unplanned shutdowns

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  • “Petrotechnics’ established industry track record combined with the flexibility of Proscient made them an ideal partner. The expertise, knowledge and customer service delivered by Petrotechnics to our team during implementation made it a seamless process from start to finish.”

    North American LNG Operator
  • "Proscient will help keep us safe and drive consistency in our operations. The aim is for the tool to enhance and create better communication as a team."

    Offshore Operator in the Gulf of Mexico
  • “Our vision that everyone goes home safe at the end of every day is something we must achieve. Proscient is a key strategic programme that helps us to deliver this vision by improving decision-making, conversations, and behaviours for safer, more effective working.”

    National Rail Operator
  • "Proscient will help improve handover notes and will allow us to better plan work to become proactive instead of reactive."

    Large Independent Oil and Gas Producer
  • "Our selection of Petrotechnics was based on three key points: Firstly, they had the best technology solution which met our needs’. Secondly and arguably most important, they had the best implementation model and the experience to back it up. Thirdly, Petrotechnics’ references were excellent and very much spoke to the strength and depth of their capabilities. They came across as the ideal partner and this go-live is the first tangible example of our ongoing partnership."

    North Sea FPSO Operator
  • "We chose to partner with Petrotechnics because of their solid experience and understanding of operational risk management in our industry. We believe Proscient will help improve work controls and reduce risk involved in our operations. We also believe the implementation is an opportunity to harmonise the way we handle work processes, while safeguarding our regulatory compliance in all regions where we operate."

  • "The Proscient platform changes the safety-productivity dynamic in hazardous industries by reducing Operational Risk and improving Production Efficiency."

    Tier 1 Management Consultant
  • "Petrotechnics’ long track record and approach to helping oil and gas organisations deliver safer and more effective operations combined with the strength of Proscient make them the best choice."


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