Think big, start small, scale fast.

The prize of getting Operational Excellence right is enormous. And at Petrotechnics, we do everything we can to help you achieve just that, starting with our adoption model.

Think big

The time has come to realise the promise of Operational Excellence. And it starts with Proscient. The software platform that transforms Operational Excellence into a practical frontline operational reality by helping everyone in your organisation make better informed decisions.

Start small

Big doesn’t have to be out of reach. The flexibility of the Proscient platform allows your organisation to start the way you need to. Whether in one plant or in one unit of a plant, one region or across the enterprise. Or even in one department or function. Once the platform is deployed in your organisation, it’s easy to roll out additional capabilities to deliver the increasing benefits – and ROI – of OE.

Our proven, trusted experience and deployment methodology reduces project risk. We’ll also help you show tangible ROI in just months.

Scale fast

Proscient can connect many of your existing departmental initiatives, processes and systems to become a systematic, technology-enabled process. One that cascades throughout the entire organisation, right down to frontline operations. With an adoption process that’s as painless as possible:

  • Proscient’s easy-to-use human factors design reduces training requirements, and our integrated eLearning provides a rapid learning curve
  • The clear value of Proscient leads to rapid user adoption, with Proscient quickly becoming part of the everyday routine

The result? A low risk approach to enable your organisation’s OE programme to deliver the tangible business advantage that’s long been promised. Cut costs, reduce risk and increase productivity. Are you ready to begin?

I.T. benefits – a summary

  • Proscient can grow with your evolving business requirements
  • Intuitive and easy to use with low to minimal training requirements
  • More meaningful integration with your existing IT infrastructure, through Proscient’s open integration layer
  • Enterprise Ready Scalability, resilience and seamless operation, across the depth and breadth of the platform
  • Based on a Single Common Code Base, not a series of loosely coupled, separate modules
  • Subsumes other point solutions, helping consolidate and converge your IT applications portfolio
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