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Digital Transformation / Industry 4.0 done right is an ongoing process that will change the way you operate. It’s fundamentally about new end-to-end business processes empowered by technology to produce positive business outcomes. As such, it requires much more than basic plumbing integration to reduce data entry. The core foundation of digital transformation or Industry 4.0 is based on the intelligent integration of disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activity to improve the way organisations operate. For companies with digital ambition, this is not a “nice to have”. It’s the new baseline.

The Proscient v4.0 Interface and Integration capabilities enable a key part of the connected enterprise, the journey to digital operations. Explore new ways of doing things that provides everyone with a single, shared view of the operational reality as the starting point. Re-imagine business process, workflows and the insight you need to power them, whether its powering new business processes across operations, maintenance and planning that improve plan accuracy and attainment or making the IIoT operational by connecting the health status of process safety critical equipment to their cumulative risk impact against the process safety critical barriers. Proscient’s flexible digital integration layer enables the intelligent integration of disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activity data and helps you make digital operational.



Know what’s happening, where it’s happening, and what’s driving the risk

The Proscient Operational Excellence Platform v4.0 delivers a single, shared view of the Operational reality. It arms everyone with the right information, at the right time so they can make more-informed, effective decisions.

As a core part of the platform, Proscient’s Interfaces and Integration capabilities intelligently “connect” disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activity to power new end-to-end business processes that improve the way organisations operate.

  • Part of a tightly integrated digital software platform based on a single code base
  • Proscient enables you to execute re-imagined business process, workflows and the insight you need to power them


Proscient’s Interfaces and Integration capabilities are built for companies with digital ambition. Proscient’s capabilities empower more of your people to do more, safer and more effectively. It allows you to unlock the disparate data and information sitting in siloes across your organisation to create new digital business processes such as:

Improving Maintenance & Operations Collaboration

Close the gaps between planning, maintenance, and operations by bringing together “all of the jobs” including their safety and task dependencies to build an executable work schedule that improves plan accuracy and plan attainment.

Connecting Process Safety Management to Operations

Close the gaps between Process Safety and Operations by automatically and intelligently mapping cumulative risk impact of equipment and process deviations in a way the whole organisation can understand – in time, location and in a barrier model with drill-down capabilities to quickly understand what’s driving the risk.

Improving Operations with Engineering information

Close the gaps between engineering and operations by providing Operations with real-time access to engineering information such as the status of equipment, P&ID information and the status and risk impact of MoC in real-time.


Proscient Integration FINAL v2


  • Support for diverse integration needs, ranging from direct point-to-point integration with 3rd party systems to robust involvement with integration middleware for system integrators
  • Core integration enabling mechanisms include RESTful Web Service API, Plugins, Messaging (MQ) and custom connectors
  • Integrations with leading EAM, Planning, Historians and other systems


  • A “common currency of risk” allows everyone to understand and assess risk by the same criteria
  • Intelligently translate and map risk data to its cumulative risk impact
  • Understand the reality of how work gets executed
  • Powerful workflow and rules engine enables cross platform, application and ecosystem business processes


  • Arm everyone with the right information, at the right time so they can make more-informed, effective decisions
  • Visualise Proscient insight on your corporate dashboards and portals (e.g. Sharepoint) to provide greater transparency
  • Enable new end-to end business processes and collaboration


Proscient’s Interfaces and Integration capabilities enable the intelligent integration of disparate data from systems, sensors and human-derived activity data to power new end to end business processes that improve the way organisations operate. This helps keep your people and assets safe by ensuring your people know what’s happening, where it’s happening and what’s driving the risk. Are you ready to get started?


  • “Petrotechnics’ established industry track record combined with the flexibility of Proscient made them an ideal partner. The expertise, knowledge and customer service delivered by Petrotechnics to our team during implementation made it a seamless process from start to finish.”

    North American LNG Operator
  • "Proscient will help keep us safe and drive consistency in our operations. The aim is for the tool to enhance and create better communication as a team."

    Offshore Operator in the Gulf of Mexico
  • “Our vision that everyone goes home safe at the end of every day is something we must achieve. Proscient is a key strategic programme that helps us to deliver this vision by improving decision-making, conversations, and behaviours for safer, more effective working.”

    National Rail Operator
  • "Proscient will help improve handover notes and will allow us to better plan work to become proactive instead of reactive."

    Large Independent Oil and Gas Producer
  • "Our selection of Petrotechnics was based on three key points: Firstly, they had the best technology solution which met our needs’. Secondly and arguably most important, they had the best implementation model and the experience to back it up. Thirdly, Petrotechnics’ references were excellent and very much spoke to the strength and depth of their capabilities. They came across as the ideal partner and this go-live is the first tangible example of our ongoing partnership."

    North Sea FPSO Operator
  • "We chose to partner with Petrotechnics because of their solid experience and understanding of operational risk management in our industry. We believe Proscient will help improve work controls and reduce risk involved in our operations. We also believe the implementation is an opportunity to harmonise the way we handle work processes, while safeguarding our regulatory compliance in all regions where we operate."

  • "The Proscient platform changes the safety-productivity dynamic in hazardous industries by reducing Operational Risk and improving Production Efficiency."

    Tier 1 Management Consultant
  • "Petrotechnics’ long track record and approach to helping oil and gas organisations deliver safer and more effective operations combined with the strength of Proscient make them the best choice."


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