Petrotechnics Workshops

Explore the potential benefits of Proscient to your organisation with a no-obligation workshop.

Introductory Workshops

Our one-to-one introductory workshops are an excellent way to learn more about our product offering and the support we provide.

Lasting up to an hour, a senior industry expert from Petrotechnics will present the benefits that Proscient and Operational Excellence can bring to your organisation, and how the platform can be adopted.

Exploration workshops

Facilitated by one of our senior industry experts, we will discuss your specific operational challenges in depth and look at how Petrotechnics and Proscient can help you resolve them.

Delivered to one organisation at a time, these workshops are ideal for people who will be using the Proscient software directly and who want to understand how it meets their specific needs, how it is implemented, and how it is used on a day-to-day basis.

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