From the beginning, we had a single-minded purpose: to keep people safe in hazardous industries. When Phil Murray founded this Company in 1989, he passionately believed that innovative technology-based solutions would reduce operational risk. This belief informs our whole culture. And to us, that’s the most important thing driving our business.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
– Peter Drucker (business guru).


Everything we do here is immersed in keeping people safe: making sure they can go home every day or at the end of their rotation.

It’s not just about the personal safety standards, but how the total process of safety works to protect a whole plant – and therefore everyone who works there.

Wherever there are hazardous industries across the globe, we’re there to make them safer, more efficient, and more profitable.


Join us and you’ll discover an exciting, diverse group of great people, teams and opportunities. Personal and professional development is important here. We encourage and expect you to aspire to more, to take the initiative and to do great work.

  • Now we can understand our operational risk, see how it impacts the operational reality and make decisions with confidence.

  • Now we can prioritise our 14/28/90-day plans to manage risk and optimise production.

  • Incorporating my shift diary in Proscient gives me a complete picture of scheduled activity, risk and Ops resource in my part of the plant.

  • I can now use Proscient’s visualisation to actively manage workload, risk and resources in real time.

  • Process Safety Management is now connected to its impact on operations – so everyone can make better operational decisions.

  • Better operational decisions are creating measurable efficiencies – and improving my leading risk indicators.

  • "Process safety became part of the vernacular of the energy business… However, it has also led to a reduction in responsibility and understanding of operational risk by operations staff… In other words, operational risk has come to mean process safety and has been separated from operational performance as a whole, with the former managed by safety professionals and the latter by operational professionals."

  • “Petrotechnics’ established industry track record combined with the flexibility of Proscient made them an ideal partner. The expertise, knowledge and customer service delivered by Petrotechnics to our team during implementation made it a seamless process from start to finish.”

    North American LNG Operator
  • "Proscient will help keep us safe and drive consistency in our operations. The aim is for the tool to enhance and create better communication as a team."

    Offshore Operator in the Gulf of Mexico
  • “Our vision that everyone goes home safe at the end of every day is something we must achieve. Proscient is a key strategic programme that helps us to deliver this vision by improving decision-making, conversations, and behaviours for safer, more effective working.”

    National Rail Operator
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