Our Vision

We are absolutely committed to keeping loads more people safe.


Over the last 25 years, we’ve improved safety for many thousands of people. Now we have an even bigger role to play.

We believe that the hazardous industries can not only be safer, they can also be more efficient and more productive – and lead the way in Operational Excellence.

At Petrotechnics, we define Operational Excellence as “the unrelenting pursuit of world-class operational performance”.

This requires that everyone from the boardroom to the frontline consistently makes the most effective operational decisions, based on an integrated view of the operational reality in terms of risk, cost and productivity.

What’s at stake?

With the hazardous industries facing enormous economic and compliance pressure, the need for Operational Excellence is now critical. Especially as analysts believe that it could save the Oil & Gas industry alone over $30 billion over the next five years* – among many other benefits.

*EY, “Driving operational performance in oil and gas

Achieving our vision

Operational Excellence is not about marginal changes. It’s a new way of thinking and working, that needs to be underpinned by a new kind of technology. Technology that gives every decision maker an integrated, shared view of the entire operational reality – in real time.

To make this a reality, we have developed the hazardous industries’ first software platform for Operational Excellence. Called Proscient, it promises to reduce risk, cut costs and improve productivity.

It’s why we say:

“Excellence is now operational.”


See how it enables smarter, safer, better decisions that reduce risk, cut costs and improve productivity.

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